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We are T.zic. French company, labelled Greentech Verte, based in Montpellier and French leader in LED UV disinfection.

Our activity started with water security and disinfection solutions. The one we drink every day, everywhere in the world.

For example, we are in partnership with 21 | the social innovation accelerator of the French Red Cross. This partnership has led us to install solutions almost everywhere in the world (around 200 products worldwide) but also in France.

The crisis linked to COVID-19 led us to focus our skills in R&D, design office and industrialization to provide a real response, 100% Made in France, to the pandemic. This is how Uvo Care was born.

Yes, it is. Uvo Care’s performance meets the performance levels of NF T72-281. Tests have been carried out by approved independent French laboratories and demonstrate effectiveness and elimination :

  • >99.999% of bacteria and viruses on masks
  • >99.999% of bacteria on surfaces
  • >99.99% of viruses on surfaces

Uvo Care is a UV-C LED disinfection box for masks and everyday objects.
It allows, in less than 3 minutes, to disinfect your masks and objects (smartphones, keys, badges…) very often contaminated by bacteria and viruses.
A real action to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, in companies and at home.
It also allows you to avoid cleaning your objects with chemical and disposable wipes or to make machines at 60° every 3 hours for example .

Uvo Care disinfects objects with powerful and targeted UV-C radiation. Open, put down, close, disinfect. Very simple and optimized for safe use.

Disinfection cycles vary between 30 seconds and 3 minutes depending on the materials to be disinfected.

First of all textile protective masks but also small everyday objects often shared, exchanged and vector of virus propagation between several people such as smartphones, cordless phones, glasses, keys, badges, coins, pens, remote controls, felt-tip pens, staplers …

Uvo Care has a very long lifespan. Up to 600,000 disinfection cycles for a maintenance-free life of more than 10 years.

The useful disinfection volume of 230 x 150 x 90 mm can accommodate a mask or various everyday objects.

The overall dimensions are: 260 x 260 x 185 mm.

Uvo Care does not alter the properties of the disinfected materials, in particular the protective masks, which retain all their protective properties.

The UV-C LEDs used have properties that make it possible to inactivate viruses and bacteria. This is known as disinfection. Uvo Care is a solution that meets the standards of the AFNOR standards.

Yes it is possible to insert several objects into Uvo Care at the same time, without superimposing them to ensure optimal disinfection.

If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to consult us via our chat.