Coronavirus in Montpellier: This box disinfects laptops and masks thanks to UV rays

Coronavirus in Montpellier

At the height of the epidemic, when the economy was at a standstill, T.Zic’s company was working twice as hard. While the Covid-19 crisis was raging, “we had a lot of requests from people who wanted to know if we could help them solve their problems,” says Thomas Zunino, president and technical director of this Montpellier-based company, created in 2016, originally specializing in water purification using ultraviolet rays. The question was not whether we were going to do something, but rather what we were going to do. »

This start-up, which employs 15 people, has developed an amazing box that can disinfect a cell phone, a pen, a key, a badge or a mask, both cloth and surgical, in no time at all. Simply dip the object into the Uvo Care case, and the UV LED technology takes care of eliminating viruses, including the Covid-19.

  • The start-up T.Zic has developed a case that allows to disinfect a phone, a pen, a key or a mask, both cloth and surgical, in no time at all.
  • Simply dip the object into the Uvo Care case, and the UV LED technology takes care of eliminating viruses, of which the Covid-19, at more than 99.999%, ensures the company.
  • The company is already planning to produce 10,000 Uvo Care cases this year.

"Simple, fast and efficient"

T.Zic's managing director, Thomas Séchaud, is pleased to say that "more than 99.999% of viruses and bacteria are eliminated. With disinfection cycles, without any risk for the user, from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

We have been able to prove that even after 100 UV disinfection cycles, the masks retain the same filtration properties," notes the contractor. It's a simple, fast and effective solution. It makes it possible to secure, for example, the return of employees or customers to the workplace. It can be an ideal device for an optician to quickly disinfect eyeglass frames after customers have tried on their glasses. »

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« Nous avons réussi à prouver que même au bout de 100 cycles de désinfection UV, les masques gardent la même propriété de filtration, note l’entrepreneur. C’est une solution simple, rapide et efficace. Cela permet de sécuriser, par exemple, le retour des salariés ou des clients sur le lieu de travail. Cela peut être un dispositif idéal pour un opticien, pour désinfecter rapidement les montures de lunettes après l’essayage des clients. »

The price: 349 euros. First of all, it is intended for professionals. And high-tech madmen, who are looking for a solution to remove viruses from everyday objects.

An ecological challenge

T.Zic, whose invention has been validated in the laboratory, already plans to produce 10,000 Uvo Care cases this year, representing a turnover of more than 3 million euros.

The company also has an ecological stance, which aims to "get away from the problem of single-use masks, with the questions of shortage or waste management that this can pose," notes Thomas Séchaud. Disinfecting your cell phone with this box means disinfecting wipes that won't be thrown away," says the company, which is hosted by the Cap Alpha metropolitan nursery in Clapiers.